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GPT Poker allows poker players from any country, whether live, online or even home games to play in a global poker tournament simultaneously.

A live Sri Lanka poker room game, an online player
in Finland and a UK home game in the same player pool!

Where Do Players Play GPT Poker?

Live in casinos, poker clubs, bars, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and anywhere that poker is played..

Online at GPT Poker Online. All rounds are available.

Home games from anywhere in the world can enter GPT Poker playing their regular starting stack and blinds.

Players worldwide entering GPT Poker are part of the global tournament, all rounds are a single table of six players. At any level after the first game players can choose to continue or leave the global tournament to enter a local live play or an online tournament.

Players can mix live, online and home game

GPT Poker - taking the tournament to the player

Live games Play online Include your home game have gpt in your venue
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