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Spheric Holdings Ltd (Isle of Man)

Spheric Holdings Ltd is a gaming centric software systems developer and operator.

GPT Poker systems

Over three quarters of the worlds’ poker players have yet to venture online and yet the only way for most players to gain access to major tournaments is to qualify at an online poker room!

It was for this reason that three years ago Spheric Holdings Ltd began the development of the worlds’ first global tournaments system. A proprietary system developed in-house that would bring together players from anywhere in the world whether live play, online play or even home games in a single global player pool.

Spheric Holdings Ltd will launch the first Global Player Tournaments (GPT) system in 2014 with GPT Poker. Our systems can be integrated into any online poker room (through our API’s) giving players the option of playing either live or online and switching between live and online play during steps of the GPT Poker Global Tournament or Multi Table Tournaments. The GPT Poker System allows players to qualify for major live tournaments worldwide.

One aspect that makes GPT Systems so unique is the fact that for the first time HOME GAMES can now take part in major tournaments. For example; home game players can organise their own 1st round tables in the Steps Tournament, the winner of which can play the next step online, in a casino or card club or even arrange to play the next step with other home game winners (through their player dashboard).

  • GPT Systems seamlessly progress players through tournaments and securely collect and deliver prize funds.
  • GPT Systems provides massive player acquisition to online providers (online poker rooms for example, that are partnered with GPT).
  • GPT Systems increase player registrations to online and bricks & mortar tournaments and card rooms.
  • GPT Systems are operated on a network of worldwide websites that are fully integrated and managed by our Country Partners.
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