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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Is GPT Poker available in my country?

I represent a Venue, can we host Tournaments?

What is the structure? How many rounds are there?

The tournament structure remains the same all over the world. All rounds of the tournament are single games of six players whether the games are live in venues, online at GPT Poker Online or home games. The GPT Poker system allows players to play anywhere at any time, mixing live and online play should they wish, in order to progress in the tournament

1st Round > Bronze > Silver > Gold

At any stage a winning player has the option to ‘cash in’ and leave the global tournament using their code to enter an online tournament (Bronze code) or live tournaments (Silver & Gold codes), or continue in the global tournament. Players can hold multiple codes at the same time and choose when and where they use them.

Our online poker room (GPT Poker Online) hosts all rounds of the tournament and players can find Bronze, Silver and Gold games at all times, playing with other players from around the world. Your code is upgraded whenever you win a game, giving you the chance to play in higher value live tournaments or to qualify for the Global Tournament Package.



Where can I play GPT Poker?

Live in casinos, poker clubs, bars, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and anywhere that poker is played.

Online at GPT Poker Online. All rounds are available.

Home games from anywhere in the world can enter GPT Poker playing their regular starting stack and blinds.

You can play GPT Poker anywhere (where legal) and if organising your own game you will need  to purchase a Bronze code to give to the first round winner.

In fact you can organize every round of GPT Poker live, our system allows players with the same code to generate a ‘winners key’ to give to that game’s winner so that they can progress through the tournament.

Remember that you can switch live/ online at any round should you wish, the choice of when or where you play is yours.

Can we include our home game and how?

For the first time ever your home game can be part of a major poker tournament.

The home game organiser simply purchases a Bronze code at any GPT Poker website. Players cover the cost of the code as their entry fee. You can play your regular blinds and starting stack structures or play with our suggestions that are in the downloadable pdf (coming soon).

The winner of the game takes the Bronze code.

You can enter your home game as many times as you like all year round and play to qualify for your choice of tournament.

With the GPT Poker system you can even arrange to play other home game winners and play a Bronze game for example; our systems automatically progress players.

You can also arrange your own online 1st round table at the Online GPT Poker Room and invite your friends.

What Tournament choices do I have?

All players are taking part in a GLOBAL TOURNAMENT unless they choose to ‘cash in’ their code and enter a live or online tournament, the higher your code value the higher the tournament value.

Bronze code holders can ‘cash in’ their code and use it to enter the daily or weekly single table tournaments (SNG’s) or multi table tournaments (MTT’s) at GPT Poker Online.

Silver code holders can ‘cash in’ their code and use it to enter live tournaments locally to them in casinos and poker rooms, tournament schedules will be shown on every GPT Poker country website.

Gold code holders can ‘cash in’ their code and use it to enter major live tournaments in their country held in casinos and poker rooms or choose from a choice of tournaments worldwide, tournament schedules will be shown on every GPT Poker country website.

Can I play all rounds live? Can I play all rounds online?

GPT Poker was designed to allow poker players everywhere to take part in major tournaments and in order to cater for all players we have made it possible so that you can play GPT Poker in your home games, in venues (where legal) and online at GPT Poker Online.

It is up to you when and where you play each round of GPT Poker, you can play all rounds live, you can play all rounds online, you can mix live and online play.

Our player tracking and management system allows you to choose where to play. When you are successful at a table you will be given a ‘winners key/code’ that validates your code for the next round.

Where and when are the rounds played?

You can play where and whenever you want.

GPT Poker is played 24 hours a day, 365 days a year worldwide live in venues, online at GPT Poker Online and in home games.

GPT Poker is organised in many partner venues such as casinos and poker clubs, you can find information on the ‘find live games’ page. We have Area Managers who assist venues to organise all rounds of GPT Poker. You can chat with your Area Manager and other players in the GPT Poker player forums.

It may also be possible to play all rounds in a venue near you on the same day, for example you may be able to enter a first round and if you win that table, play the Bronze, then Silver and Gold games consecutively.

How much is it to enter?

Tournament entry fee is £5 GBP (or equivalent) . You only pay once each time you enter the tournament and you can enter as many times as you wish.

Therefore it is possible to win a Global Tournament Final package which includes;£1,000 in cash to cover the cost of travel and spending money, 7 nights hotel accommodation including meals and a seat in the greatest tournament ever for just £5!

And of course if you get in the money………………..!

Can I re-buy?

Yes; you can enter GPT Poker as many times as you like, the tournaments are played 24 hours a day -365 days a year. For example; you win your 1st Round, win a Bronze game, but have a bad beat when heads-up in a Silver game, simply re-enter the tournament at the 1st Round live at a venue or online or in your home game and try again to make your way to the final or tournament of your choice.

This is why some players choose GPT Poker as their regular social poker night, they can play as many times as they like and home games love GPT Poker.

You can hold as many codes as you wish at any time and qualify for all tournaments including the Global Tournament Final!

Can I buy-in to a Regional round or Semi Final round or buy a Final seat?

No; our whole ethos is to give poker players worldwide the opportunity to take part in a major tournament with major prizes regardless of experience or bankroll or where they live. Even the professional sponsored player has to play GPT Poker if they want a seat at the Global Tournament.

What are the tournament prize funds?

If you choose to ‘cash in’ your code at any time and enter a tournament, the higher your code value – the higher the tournament value.

Bronze Tournaments are held online daily and weekly in single table and multi table format with prize funds from £156 – £1,ooo+.

Silver Tournaments are held in casinos and poker clubs, they may be held weekly or monthly depending on where you live. The tournaments available to you will be shown on your local GPT Poker website together with the current entries and prize funds on offer. For example a Silver Tournament may have less than 100 entries and have a prize fund in excess of £15,000.

Gold Tournaments held in casinos or poker clubs in your country will be high value and held monthly or quarterly depending on where you live.The tournaments available to you will be shown on your local GPT Poker website together with the current entries and prize funds on offer. For example a Gold Tournament may have less than 100 entries and have a prize fund in excess of £90,000. Gold code holders may also choose to enter major tournaments around the world and these tournaments will be shown on all GPT Poker websites.

The Global Tournaments will be held in venues around the world and if you win a Gold game you receive a package which includes; £1,000 cash to cover travel and spending, 7 night hotel accommodation including meals and your seat to the main final. The prize fund will be massive and will be shown in real time as players qualify on all GPT Poker websites.


Where are tournament finals held?

GPT Poker is Global with local tournaments and country specific tournaments held all over the world. Depending on where you live tournaments may be held in casinos or poker clubs, even in neighboring countries if legislation prohibits you playing in casinos or poker clubs in your country. Every country will be different so look for your local GPT Poker websites, ask your Country Manager in the forums or email us:

We are adding partner venues every day and hope to have one locally to you.


What is the cut-off for buy-ins for each tournament?

The quick answer is that there isn’t one.

GPT Poker operates 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

The global tournament will run ‘back to back’ and online tournaments and Silver and Gold live tournaments will be available all year round, so your code never expires.

Where can I find more details?

All GPT Poker websites carry local information for players such as venues, every country website has a player forum where players can chat to each other and discuss all things poker and where GPT Poker Country Managers and Area Managers will answer all player questions.

You can also email here for information:

And if you are interested in becoming a Country Manager, Area Manager or agent for GPT Poker please see the buttons on this site and send us your details.

Why have I not heard about GPT Poker in the poker press?

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