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For the first time ever your home poker game can be part of a major poker tournament.

As a home game organiser you will simply purchase a Bronze code after logging into your Player Account via any GPT Poker website (once we launch).  Your players cover the cost of the code as their entry fee. You can play your regular blinds and starting stack structures or play with our suggestions that are in the downloadable Home Game PDF (coming soon).

You can enter your home game as many times as you like all year round and play to qualify for your choice of tournament.

The winner of the home poker game wins the Bronze code.

Once you have finished your home game if you won the game yourself then you keep the Bronze code you have already purchased in your player account, but if another player wins they you simply transfer the Bronze code to their player account (so they need to create an account first) - we call the transfer of a code a GIFT. Simply click the GIFT CODE button next to the code in your CODE BANK and enter the Nickname OR email address of the player you want to transfer it to. The code is then instantly transferred to the winning players' CODE BANK and will remain their code throughout the tournament.

Bronze code holders then have a choice; codes can either be ‘cashed-in’ as entry to a daily or weekly Bronze Online Tournament at GPT Poker Online to win CASH PRIZES, or continue in the Global Tournament and enter a ‘Bronze’ game - live at a partner venue, online or play other home game winners. Winning a ‘Bronze’ game will upgrade the code to ‘Silver’.

Silver codes can either be ‘cashed-in’ as entry to live play Silver Tournaments at a partner venue, or continue in the Global Tournament and enter a ‘Silver’ game live or online. Winning a ‘Silver’ game will upgrade the code to ‘Gold’. There are high value live play Gold Tournaments in most countries if a player chooses to ‘cash in’ their Gold code as entry, or continue in the Global Tournament and enter a ‘Gold’ game live or online with EVERY GOLD GAME PLAYER winning £100 GBP (approx €120 EUR/ $160 USD) cash just for entering, whether they win or lose the game. Winning a ‘Gold’ game wins a seat in the Global Tournament FINAL which are held every 3 months at destination resorts around the world - all expenses paid and the chance to win a life-changing sum of money. 

With the GPT Poker system you can even arrange to play other home game winners and play a Bronze game; our systems automatically progress players.

You can also arrange your own online 1st round table at the GPT Poker Online Room and invite your friends.

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