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GPT Poker Tournaments launching soon!

We at GPT Poker are working hard to make sure the first tournament is successful and that live play is available in as many countries as possible, of course home games and games in venues anywhere in the world can play immediately once the tournament is announced. However, we want to give live players the choices of many venues such as casinos and poker clubs where they can visit and play GPT Poker, the global tournament and also live ‘high value’ tournaments that players can enter by ‘cashing in’ their GPT Poker codes (Silver or Gold).

We are also talking to major tournament organisers in order that players holding Gold codes can choose to ‘cash in’ their code and enter live circuit tournaments worldwide. The GPT Poker systems will allow players to use their codes to register for many high profile tournaments worldwide directly from our sites.

Our Development team and Country Managers are on hand to speak with venues from around the world and explain the opportunities that partnering with GPT Poker would provide. If you would like to hear more about GPT Poker then please email:

Launching soon!

GPT Poker will begin in the UK summer this year. Bookmark this site and send an email to  and you will be the first to hear when the first tournament commences, we will also send you a freeroll ticket for a great online tournament on the 1st day.

Remember that your home game and social game can take part in GPT Poker. This website provides  all the information that you will need including a downloadable information pack and home game pdf.

The Country websites of GPT Poker in a number of countries and languages will launch this month, once the websites are launched they can be accessed from this site.