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GPT Poker Tournament Structure

Every Bronze, Silver or Gold CODE is automatically taking part in our default Global Tournament unless the player chooses to 'cash-in' their Code as entry into any other online or live play cash-in Tournament held at licenced venues all over the world.

GPT Poker Global Tournament steps


Players can either pay £5/€6 to play a 1st Round Game to win a Bronze Code (if they win the game of 6 players), or they can buy a Bronze Code for £30/€36 for direct entry into the Global Tournament.

Players can't buy-in at any other step so must play their way through the 3 steps to progress in the Global Tournament if they want to do so. Codes NEVER EXPIRE so there is no rush and you can build up as many Codes as you want in your CODE BANK to play or cash-in when and where you want. Good luck at the tables!

Tournament Structure explained

The tournament structure remains the same all over the world. All rounds of the tournament are single games of six players whether the games are live in venues, online at GPT Poker Online or home games. The GPT Poker system allows players to play anywhere at any time, mixing live and online play should they wish, in order to progress in the tournament.

To WIN A SEAT in a final you must play and win a Gold Game so good luck at the tables.

GPT Poker Global Tournament steps

At any stage a winning player has the option to ‘cash-in’ and leave the Global Tournament using their CODE as entry to a Bronze Online Tournament or live play Tournaments (entry via Silver & Gold codes), or continue in the Global Tournament. Players can hold multiple codes at the same time and choose when and where they use them. CODES never expire so can be held and played at any time.

Our online poker room (GPT Poker Online) hosts all rounds of the Tournament and players can find Bronze, Silver and Gold games at all times, playing with other players from around the world. Your code is upgraded whenever you win a game, giving you the chance to play in higher value live tournaments or to qualify for the Global Tournament Package.

1st Round

1st Round Games: Games can be played online or live, for example; home games, bar and club games, casino poker room, card clubs, poker clubs, hotels, resorts, cruise ships and many more venues! Winners of 1st Round Games win a Bronze CODE.


Bronze Games: Play Bronze games online or live in partner venues. Winners of Bronze Games have their CODE upgraded to Silver.


Bronze Tournaments: Cash-In your Bronze CODE as entry to any Bronze Online Tournament to win cash prizes held at GPT Poker Online.


Silver Games: Play Silver games online or live in partner venues. Winners of Silver Games have their CODE upgraded to Gold.


Silver Tournaments: Cash-In your Silver CODE as entry to any live play Silver Cash-In Tournament held at Casino's near you. We pay the entry for you and if any account credit (balance) is due to you (from the value of your Silver CODE which is £156 value) then we pay the balance directly to your Online Player Account.


Gold Games: Play Gold games online or live in partner venues. Winners of Gold Games win a Seat in the Global Tournament FINAL and receive a full expenses paid package including travel costs, accommodation and spending money. In addition, EVERY Gold Game Player receives £100 (approx €120 EUR/ $160 USD) just for playing in the Gold Game, whether they win or lose!


Gold Tournaments: Cash-In your Gold CODE as entry to any high value live play Gold Cash-In Tournament held at Casino's in your country or region. We pay the entry for you and if any account credit (balance) is due to you (from the value of your Gold CODE which is £936 value) then we pay the balance directly to your Online Player Account.


Global Tournament FINAL: All Global Tournament FINALISTS receive a package to the GPT Poker Final which includes: £1,000 cash for travel costs and spending, 1 week hotel accommodation including meals and your seat at the greatest Poker Tournament ever with a massive prize fund and your chance to win a life-changing amount of money. You don't have to enter the next FINAL, our systems allow you to choose which Global Tournament FINAL you want to enter (via your Player Dashboard). As soon as you select the FINAL to enter we will book your seat in the FINAL, arrange to send you £1,000 to cover your travel costs and we book the hotel room for you for the week in the resort. 


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