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Have GPT Poker in Your Venue

Global Poker Tournaments (GPT Poker) is played in many different venues in countries all over the world.

Poker has never been so popular and live poker is growing. Many venues include poker as part of their entertainment offering so as to increase footfall.

Whatever type of venue you operate, if you think poker would be welcome by your patrons, then you need to offer GPT Poker.

Companies that offer organised poker evenings or poker leagues charge the venue owner or the players or both a fee. Operating GPT Poker in your venue is free, in fact in some countries where legislation permits, you as an owner may be able to earn extra revenue.

As GPT Poker grows in your country, players will require venues to play in and if players know that they can play GPT Poker in your venue your sales will increase as players visit. You do not have to have any poker knowledge, we can arrange everything for you. The GPT Poker website in your country will also include details online of your venue and the nights that GPT Poker is played there.

Legislation differs in every country as to how poker is played, we can give you advice and our Area Managers will happily meet with you to answer your questions. Simply send us your details and any questions that you may have and we will reply as soon as possible.

Providing GPT Poker In Your Venue Now

Whether you already offer poker in your venue or not, you can offer GPT Poker almost immediately, in fact within just a few minutes you can get all the information and the GPT Poker game codes (once tournaments commence) that you will require. Simply get in touch with us and we will send you our Venue Information Pack with full details.

For more information email us: or complete the form below:

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